Where to play Solak?

So the question now is what to do with Nick Solak. He’s a second basemen on a team that has already bought and paid for a second baseman.

They had him trying out in center and at third. Now, he is working out at first. Manager Chris Woodward said he needs to get Solak’s bat into the lineup. The challenge is, where?

Only Hunter Pence and Joey Gallo had a higher OPS than Solak in 2019. He makes contact. In a lineup that has too many swings and misses, that’s important.

In a lineup that is offensively-challenged, on paper at least, Solak’s bat is a welcome drink of cold water.

But this spin the bottle approach to what position he plays is frustrating. The Rangers have shown a pattern that defense doesn’t matter. Stick Mike Napoli in left. Ian Desmond, he’s a shortstop so put in in center. We need someone to stand at first and catch the ball? How about Jurickson Profar? Hey, where do we stick Joey Gallo? Anywhere but third or first.

So, where does Nick Solak end up? Probably all over the place. He just wants to get in the lineup and will go where he’s asked. Like Danny Santana last year, who played first, second, short, third, left, center, and right, Solak will need to bring his passport. He’s going to do some traveling.

The best thing this team can hope for is if there truly is a difficulty finding a spot for him. That would mean the Rangers are getting offense from first, center, and third.

We can only hope that’s the case. Because that would mean this offense is a strength rather than a weekness.