Why the universe needs Boston to win. 446 comments

You might not be a Boston fan. You may in fact be a Boston hater. But there’s no denying this is a fun team to watch. And no denying that, for the survival of the universe and everyone who loves baseball, the Red Sox must win.

Boston hits, hits in the clutch, plays small ball, has some power, steals, goes the other way, believes in its starters, has a good bullpen. This is real baseball in an age where it’s hard to find. They may be one of the last bastions of baseball. They are the resistance.

A win will help further prove that the three-outcome game isn’t the way the game should be going. It may win you games in June but it doesn’t win you championships in October. The Joey Gallo model of baseball is flawed. A Boston win proves it and might just help save the game.

So far in this World Series, they’ve scored twelve runs in two games, relying on only one home run. They did it with a thing called hits, and sustained rallies.

They’re an amazing .500, 4-for-8, with runners in two outs and runners in scoring position. Of the twelve runs they’ve scored, eight have come in that situation. Nine with two outs no matter where the runners were.

It means they are clutch. They are making the most of their situations. They are adjusting for the situation, shortening their swings rather than just swinging big every time.

It means they are hitters. Unselfish. Relentless. Pure hitters. Let me repeat the unselfish part. Imagine a team of Michael Youngs and Adrian Beltres and Rusty Greers.

Pretty hard not to love that in spite of the name on the front of their jerseys.

If the Red Sox win this series, baseball wins.

And I am a fan of baseball.

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