Games 3 and 4: Dodgers win what seemed like two games. 163 comments

The longest World Series game in history ended after seven hours and twenty minutes, and after eighteen innings.

It was long.

Long enough for two seventh-inning stretches.

Long enough for two complete games.

Long enough for Boston to burn through three starting pitchers. And Boston reliever Nathan Eovaldi to pitch 97 innings, which is ironic because no starting pitcher would ever be allowed to do that.

Long enough for Boston’s catcher Christian Vazquez to learn a new position—he had never played first base until last night.

Long enough for a Friday night game to turn into a Saturday morning game.

Long enough to forget the seven-inning shutout gem Walker Buehler threw.

Long enough for 561 total pitches, 30 full counts, and 32 dozen balls to be used.

In the end, it was an emotional 3-2 walkoff win in a game where both offenses threw away their patient approach and just decided to swing as hard as they could until someone hit one out. That someone was Dodger Max Muncy.

The marathon win puts the Dodgers squarely back in the World Series and put them back in favor of winning it. The Red Sox had to empty the tank and won’t have a whole lot to offer today. And maybe the rest of the series in Los Angeles.

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