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Yovani Gallardo strikes out Chris Davis to leave the bases loaded, keeping his scoreless streak alive.


In the bottom of the fourth inning of the Rangers June 10th game against the Oakland Athletics, Stephen Vogt doubled, then came around to score.

That was the last time anyone has scored off Yovani Gallardo.

Since then he has gone 29.2 scoreless innings. That’s one of the best stretches any Rangers pitcher has put up.

Gallardo is 3-1 since that game.

But more impressive, in nine starts this year following a Rangers loss, he is 6-0 with a 0.79 ERA.

Talk about coming through when your team needs you most.

His won-lost record of 7-6 isn’t ace worthy. But his sparkling 2.56 ERA after last night’s 2-0 victory over Baltimore sure is.

His ERA is fourth best in the American League.

Once again Gallardo was flawless but came away with a no decision.

When he takes the mound, two teams don’t score. His, and the opponent’s.

Yo is this year’s Yu.


The Rangers return home today to face the Los Angeles Anaheims. For the first time since being traded by them, Josh Hamilton faces the team that is paying him $69 million to play for the Rangers. Anaheim is a mess right now with their front office problems, and an owner who once again showed why he is the laughing stock of baseball owners.

What an incredible story it would be if he hit three-straight bottom of the ninth home runs to help sweep the series. But that probably won’t happen. Mainly because there is talk he won’t play today so he can rest his legs. I would let him DH and play Moreland in LF. Anything to give Josh more chances for drama. These are the opportunity where Hamilton is superhuman.