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How did this one end up?

The way it started.

With Hanser Alberto batting first and Elvis Andrus batting second and the Rangers offense sputtering.

How else could it end when you build a lineup this, this—what is the opposite of top-heavy?—top light?

When the first two hitters go 0-7, and they often do when Andrus bats second, it’s pretty hard for the rest of the hitters to have anything worthwhile to do. Thus, you lose to Baltimore 4-2.

Weird lineup.

Weird that the entire month of June, while Shin-Soo Choo struggled putting a bat on a ball, he batted first or second religiously, whether facing lefties or righties.

Then, when he finally figures it out, he’s batted seventh. Since he’s facing a lefty. Which he couldn’t hit in June. When he couldn’t hit anything. But he still was batted first or second.

And, against that lefty, he hits a home run. His third in three games.

Now that he is hitting, he is hitting seventh. When he wasn’t hitting, he was hitting first.

Weird lineup.

Since he came back up, Rougned Odor is hitting everything and everyone, batting .391 with an OBP of .453. He sat last night.

Weird lineup. It’s almost as if the lineup maker is pulling out names from a hat.

Weird that the Rangers got only four hits yesterday, isn’t it?

Not at all.

Weird that the Rangers hit four home runs in each of the previous two games, so you shake up the lineup.

And if you are telling me Sabermetics is the reason Choo batted seventh, that Sabermetics says he cannot hit left handers, then why would you worship the Sabermetics god when it come to Choo but ignore him when it comes to Elvis?

This was a road game. Elvis Andrus was .235/.277 on the road this year going into yesterday’s game.

Andrus batted second. He was .191/.271 when batting second.

The opponent was Baltimore. He was .083/.083 against Baltimore.

He faced Wei-Yin Chen, a left-handed starter. He was .205/.271 against left handed starters going into last night’s game.

He went 0-4 last night. So the above numbers will need to be adjusted downward.

Numbers are predictable outcomes.

This outcome could have been predicted.

It’s math.