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The Rangers scored a run in the bottom of the ninth to win 2-1, making it three victories in a row. They were slowly climbing out of the hole they had been sliding in for about a month. Mitch Moreland had his usually week of productivity that makes everyone wonder what if.


Originally published July 31, 2016.

Pretty good week for Mitch Moreland.

Some people are saying he is stepping up to fill the void left by Prince Fielder. But that void has needed filling since the second game of the season. So that’s not really true.

What he is doing is what Mitch Moreland so often does. Gets hot for a couple of weeks at a time. Like, really hot.

And when he gets hot, it’s easy to understand why he can be so valuable to a team.

In his last five games he is hitting 8-for15, or .533, with four home runs and seven runs batted in.

The Rangers have won three games in a row, and two of those can be chalked up to Mitch. He hit two home runs in the 3-2 win against Kansas City on Thursday, including the game-winner in the eighth.

And another game winner last night in the ninth to end the game 2-1.

We’ve seen this Mitch before. And it’s great. Just strap yourself to it and watch him carry a team for a couple of weeks.

He couldn’t have picked a better time when the Rangers need it most.