Breaking news.

And now, some earth-shattering news.

Yesterday, MLB Network Radio passed along an exclusive report from the New York Post that the Texas Rangers are interested in Jordan Montgomery.

I sincerely hope you were sitting down when you read that. Or, that you don’t have a heart condition. If so, and you experienced any sort of medical emergency, please realize I was merely passing along information and I had nothing do with the actual reporting of that information. So, please, don’t sue Rangers Rounding 3rd for damages and medical expenses.

Imagine the shock and surprise upon hearing that inside scoop. But, it was just the second biggest story involving the Rangers in the past three days. On Saturday, a story broke on that the Texas Rangers could be in on the Shohei Ohtani market.

That is two major breaking stories involving the World Championship Texas Rangers in two days. 

One, a confirmed story that the Rangers are interested in Jordan Montgomery. The other, a supposition.

There’s nothing more riviting than baseball reporting in the offseason. It’s full of hard-hitting journalism centered around declarative words like could and might and maybe and rumored. 

“Rumored” is perhaps the best word of all. Some really talented baseball players who could help the Rangers repeat as world champions are rumored to be discussing contracts with the Rangers.

You read that here first. It’s a Rangers Rounding 3rd exclusive. When it happens, the entire staff at RR3 would like full credit for their investigative journalism.

Room is being made on the shelf for the Pulitzer.