Carter bashes two.

The legend of Evan Carter just keeps growing. The twenty-one-year old phenom led off yesterday’s game with a home run. Then followed that up with a grand slam.  His 2-for-3, five RBI performance shot his spring batting average to .389 and his OPS to 1.178. Yes, it’s spring. But, wow. […]

Diego Castillo.

Last year, the Rangers signed the other Will Smith. Not the Will Smith cather, the Will Smith relief pitcher. And he seemed to be dancing on the ledge every appearance. Still, he saved twenty-two games and was valuable until he ran out of steam at the end of the season. […]

Matt Duffy.

Spring training is a six-week tease. Its main function was to get starting pitchers built up to go nine innings, going one inning their first start then working up to three their second start, five, then seven, then nine. That plan was hatched back when starters were expected to go […]

Potential rotation help.

He hasn’t pitched in a major league game since July of 2021. He came down with a flexor tendon strain in his throwing arm that May, came back for six starts, felt arm pain again, was dealt to the Dodgers, where he never pitched a game for them. He had […]

RIP Nathan Whitten.

Rangers Rounding 3rd lost another member last month. John Nathan Whitten, who posted here under a few names and was always a positive force in RR3 Nation, passed away in January. According to his obituary, “Nate’s journey was one marked by a profound commitment to the field of mathematics and […]

Turn the calendar to 2024.

It’s 2024. Last year is officially over. The World Series glow of 2023 still shines but now it give way to the oncoming lights of the 2024 season. We are closer to the start of spring training than we are to the last out of the glorious World Series. Exactly […]

Rule changes for 2024.

Major League Baseball has announced a few rules changes for 2024. They are certainly not as drastic as the changes made last offseason and implemented in 2023, that added a pitch clock which made the game crisper, and eliminated the shift which made the game fairer. Perhaps the biggest change […]


It’s been a slow, boring offseason. Not much to report or talk about.. And yesterday that trend contented when the Rangers announced they signed Tyler Mahle to a two-year deal. A sore-armed, broken down pitcher? Is Jon Daniels back? Okay, it’s not that bad. But this one is somewhat of […]

News about Nathan Whitten.

Some times these are too difficult to write. It’s with profound sadness that I pass along the news that one of our fellow Rangers Rounding 3rd friends needs as many thoughts, prayers, good wishes, and luck that we can send his way. Nathan Whitten, who posts here as John Ed […]