Sort of like real baseball.

The Rangers take on the Diamondbacks.

Once I was in the park and saw a man feeding bread to the ducks.

After he left, most of the ducks left as well to find someone else to feed them. Next to a tree two wounded ducks remained to fight over one last moldy piece of bread. It was the only piece they were able to get to. The other ducks didn’t want it.

It was sad. All the other healthy ducks ate as much bread as the could until their duck bellies were full. Those two wounded ducks had to fight over what was left over.

The Texas Rangers return to The Shed tonight for a two-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

These are the two worst teams in baseball. Statistically, the Baltimore Orioles are right in there as well. But the Diamondbacks are the first team to lose 70 games this season. And the Rangers are an embarrassing wreck of a team, having lost twelve games in a row, being outscored by 60 runs in that stretch.

Like two wounded ducks, they are fighting over the first overall pick in next year’s draft. It will be like major league baseball. But neither team is a major league team.

So, sit back and watch the two worst teams in the sport battle it out. It will be the opposite of good baseball. But one team will have to win. It’s in the MLB bylaws.