Great pitching vs great hitting. 10 comments

The Red Sox led all of baseball in wins, runs scored, hits, doubles, runs batted in, batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage and OPS.

It’s a powerhouse offense.

The Dodgers are the first World Series team to have had more strikeouts than hits. But they sported the second-best team ERA and WHIP in baseball, recorded third-most strikeouts and third-lowest batting average against.

It’s an imposing pitching staff.

Most baseball experts are giving a huge edge in the Series to Boston and Vegas is giving the Red Sox a slight edge, in spite of the age-old axiom that good pitching shuts down good hitting.

Except that the Astros had better pitching than the Dodgers, and the Red Sox breezed though Houston.

My prediction: Red Sox in five.