It’s LA and Boston. 34 comments


In the Year of Bullpenning, the Milwaukee Brewers found out the hard way that you live with the bullpen and you die with the bullpen.

What works in a series against the Padres in July doesn’t work in a playoff series against Los Angeles in October. Even with bullpen arms being elite, the fact is a pitcher is in the bullpen because he isn’t good enough to be a starter.

And the more of those guys you run out on a nightly basis, the more you are playing with fire. Jeremy Jeffress was Milwaukee’s lighter fluid.

And now the Dodgers are back in the World Series.

The team with the highest payroll in the American League will face off against the team with the highest payroll in the National League.

Boston against Los Angeles.

For the Red Sox, it’s their thirteenth appearance in the Fall Classic. They’ve won it eight times. For the Dodgers, it’s their twentieth time. They’ve won six, and lost thirteen.

Game 1 is Tuesday in Boston.