Hearn’s best start.

Taylor Hearn strikes out Shohei Ohtani for the second time on the way to a 7-3 Rangers victory.

Don’t look now, but Taylor Hearn is turning himself into a reliable major league starter.

He has quietly put together a nice run of games, posting an even 3.00 ERA in six second-half starts. His ERA in July was 1.72. In August, 2.92. 

Yesterday, he went deeper than he ever had in his career, pitching seven innings, allowing three earned runs.

He’s won his last three starts. Best of all, it seems when he starts lately, the Rangers hit.

They scored seven runs yesterday, thirteen in his previous start against Houston, seven again before that against Cleveland. 

Hearn’s career got off to a rocky start. Bad pitching followed by bad luck and injuries. He wound up in the bullpen at the beginning of this year.

But with the Rangers having Mike Foltynewicz, Jordan Lyles, and Kohei Arihara in the rotation, it was only a matter of time before other arms got the chance to audition for a starting role. 

Hearn has stepped up and made the most of his seven starts. 

It’s too early to anoint him the next anything. Remember Kyle Cody? He put up a brilliant 1.59 ERA in eight 2020 starts. That wasn’t enough to earn him a rotation spot in 2021. And after only seven bullpen appearances, he injured his shoulder and was shut down for the season.

Pitching is fickle. Especially when it has the word Rangers emblazoned across its chest.

But Taylor Hearn finding success. And success leads to confidence which leads to more success.

He, and guys like Glenn Otto, give Rangers fans something to look forward to the rest of the season.