Historic pitching.

A.J. Alexy has been nearly unhittable in his eleven scoreless innings in two major league starts.

Baseball has been around a long time. In the history of the game, no pitcher has ever done what A.J. Alexy has done.

No pitcher has given up just one hit in each of his first two major league starts.

Think of all the pitchers in the Hall of Fame. None of them did that. Think of all the pitchers who have had All-Star seasons. None of them did that. Think of all the pitches who have had two major league starts. None of them did that, either.

That’s remarkable. 

Alexy allowed just one hit in his first game, a five-inning win over the Rockies. He allowed just one hit in his second game, a six-inning win over the Angels. 

Historic pitching and Texas Rangers are two things that are rarely typed in the same sentence.

While Alexy wiggled off the hook in his first start, throwing a lot of pitches and missing the strike zone with regularity, it was against the hapless road Colorado Rockies. 

Last night was against a much better Angels team. He got in trouble a few times but got out of it. 

So now, A.J. Alexy has two wins in two major league starts. It’s the first time since early May the Rangers have won two games in a row on the road. 

Who knows if this will last. Who knows if this good, young pitching the Rangers have enjoyed the past few weeks is real.

One thing that is certain. While we might not know what the future holds for Alexy and Otto and Hearn, we most definitely know exactly what to expect every time the Rangers run out Foltynewicz and Lyles and Arihara. We knew what they would do even before their first starts with the Rangers. History has a cruel way of repeating itself in baseball.

It’s time to turn the page on the bargain basement arms and let these kids pitch. 

Alexy, Otto, and Hearn are breathing life into a dead season, killed by the arms they are replacing in the rotation.