Surprise notes. 29 comments

It’s the last day of February, and there have been only afew developments at Surprise. The one that’s no surprise at all is the continued bad luck affecting Josh Hamilton. His knee operation is pretty much the end of the line for him. It will take a miracle to see Josh back on the field.

For those keeping score at home, that is eleven surgeries on his knees.

The Rangers lost both split-squad games yesterday. Against the Brewers, they were able to squeak out only three hits. One, a double off Shin-Soo Choo’s bat. I’d rather have Choo strikeout every at-bat in spring and save the wear and tear of running for the real season. Every step he takes is on egg shells. Every time he runs the bases he’s one step from being out for two months.

Nomar Mazara hit a long home run in the game against the Indians. For any player coming into to his second season, the biggest hurdle he has to face is confidence. Do I belong here? Was last year a fluke? Did they figure me out?

Joey Gallo is learning to play left field this spring. Having the defensive flexibility might be the only way he makes it back this year. He’s blocked at first, blocked at third. Now all he has to do is work out the mental block he has when he goes to the plate.

Jurickson Profar has left the team to join his Netherlands World Baseball Classic team. They play Taiwan and Israel starting March 7.

The Rangers are now 1-3 for the spring. As Rangers spring losses mount, you start to feel better and better about the team’s prospects for 2017.