Offense AWOL.

The Rangers had Ronald Guzman playing out of position and it cost them as he left the game in the first inning with an injury.

That’s three games out of the past four that the Rangers have been shut out.

Last year’s nemesis is back. Striking out. The Rangers struck out seventeen times last night. That’s nearly six full innings of nothing. Six full innings of not even being competitive.

The shame of it is, they are getting well-pitched games. In the three shutouts, they’ve given up three runs, two runs, and one run. 

Those are all winnable games. The frustration will come when the offense gets out of its funk and then the pitching will fall apart. That seems to be what happens to bad teams, they can never get synched.

The Rangers offense certainly isn’t playoff-caliber. But the only saving grace is that it’s not this bad, either. They have had the bad fortune to run into two pitchers at the top of their games. Joe Musgrove is on a long streak of consecutive scoreless innings. Tyler Glasnow is on a Cy Young quest. 

A good offense would struggle against them. The Rangers offense is no match at all. All they can do is try to get out of it. Nobody is going to come and rescue them. There is no hitting fairy.  

They have to do it themselves. 

Maybe tonight.