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Well, that didn’t take long. No sooner than Jeff Banister announced his plans for a six-man rotation, Cole Hamels voiced his opinion on it.


He told ESPN, “It’s not part of baseball. You might as well be in college.”

He doesn’t like the six-man rotation a few reasons. The left hander has ¬†been pitching in the major leagues for thirteen seasons and it’s not what he is designed and conditioned for.

He sees his goal as 33 starts, 200 innings, and having to stare those starts and those inning with another pitcher is not something he wants to accept. Never mind the head-scratching reality that those starts and innings would be taken by a far inferior pitchers.

If you think about it, a six-man rotation also threatens to drive starters’ salaries down as well. They aren’t going to achieve the goals that lead to the contracts, they aren’t going to be as vital, they aren’t going to be as special.

Pitching will become so specialized, the line between starter and reliever will be totally obscured.

Let’s hope clearer heads prevail here, and the Rangers staff and front office listen to voices of reason.

Especially when that voice is the only legitimate arm they have in their rotation.