Reading tea leaves. 94 comments

Rangers radio broadcaster Matt Hicks was trying to find a little silver lining in the Rangers 2-6-2 start after ten spring games.

He prefaced it by saying spring records don’t matter one bit. And he’s right.

Still, he pointed out that the Rangers have had big early leads in almost every game, reasoning it’s times in games when the mostly major league hitters are facing mostly major league pitchers. In fact, the Rangers Uniforms led 7-0 yesterday after two innings, and lost 10-7 to the Mariners Uniforms.

His point being that the major league team can hold its own. Its only after the A-team leaves the field that the Rangers have been losing games.

While attempting to find a positive, he unwittingly unearthed a glaring weakness. Get beyond the major league level and the talent gets very thin in this organization.

If he is trying to imply that this team, by virtue of having early leads, will be competitive this year, he is also pointing out that there is a lot of bleakness on the horizon.

The Rangers system doesn’t have the talent to compete with any other system. The team on the field this year better perform. Because there are no reinforcements.

Maybe spring stats do carry a bit of weight.