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Rangers owner Ray Davis made a rare media appearance yesterday.

He said exactly what an owner should say: “We expect to win.” And he said what every Rangers fan want to hear: that he will continue finding the money to improve the team.

He did compliment Jon Daniels for putting a World Series caliber team on the field ever year. Which is true. He has done that every year since 2010, except for the last five seasons when they lost a wild card game, lost a tie breaker game, lost 95 games, lost a Division Series and then lost another Division Series.

He blamed 2014 on injuries. The 2016 LA Dodgers, by the way, had the most injuries in major league history last season, placing 28 players on the DL, including Clayton Kershaw, and went on to win their division and make it to the Championship Series.

And, most telling, he was non-committal on Darvish, saying it depends on what the team’s options were when it comes to resigning him.

“Hey, honey, have you ever thought about marrying me?”

“Yeah, maybe. But give me some time to check out my options and I’ll let you know.”

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