Seven file for arbitration. 245 comments

Seven Rangers have filed for salary arbitration:

Robinson Chirinos
Jake Diekman
Mitch Moreland
Jurickson Profar
Tanner Scheppers
Shawn Tolleson
Tom Wilhemslen

A player is eligible for arbitration in their fourth, fifth, and sixth years of their careers. After six years, they are eligible for free agency.

Arbitration is a screwed up process.

If the two sides cannot agree on a salary, then it goes to an arbiter. The player throws out a number he thinks he is worth. The team throws out a much lower number it thinks the player is worth. The arbiter picks one or the other number. There is no meeting in the middle.

Most players and teams try to avoid the actual arbitration hearing because it can cause bad blood between the two parties, with the team making an argument in front of the player why he isn’t good enough to deserve the money he is asking for.

According to T. R. Sullivan, the Rangers have not had a player actually go to arbitration since Lee Stevens back in 2000.

Some players, like Tolleson, are in for a pretty big raise. He had been making the major league minimum but on the strength of thirty-five saves he will certainly see his salary skyrocket.

Tolleson isn’t the only one who will enjoy a nice salary increase. Coming off what was by far the best season of his career, expect Moreland’s salary to double, or more, from the $2.95 million he earned last year. Unless he signs for more than one season, Moreland will become a free agent at the end of 2016.

It is not yet known what salary Tanner Scheppers will submit. But, according the the agreement between the Players Association and MLB, a player’s salary cannot be less than the major league minimum of $507,500, so he cannot legally earn less this season.

Nobody ever said life was fair.