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Every year does a top prospects list for every major league team.

Yesterday they published the top 30 prospects for the Ranger. Here it is.

It will be interesting to see how many, if any, actually pan out, and how many, if any, actually make an impact with the Rangers.

Drafting in baseball is a very inexact science. In fact, in the history of the game, only one over-all first round draft pick has ever made it to the Hall of Fame: Ken Griffey Jr.’s list goes back to 2011.┬áTheir top ten Rangers prospects in 2011 were:

1 Jurickson Profar
2 Martin Perez
3 Mike Olt
4 Tanner Scheppers
5 Michael Kirkman
6 Leonys Martin
7 Robby Ross
8 Engel Beltre
9 Jake Skoal
10 David Perez

I don’t know what is more difficult: drafting, or predicting.