Banister undergoes elbow surgery. 110 comments

Yesterday, Jeff Banister underwent arthroscopic elbow surgery and rhinoplasty surgery at the Becker ENT Center, instantly putting him on general manager Jon Daniels’s radar.

“Banister is just the kind of pitcher we like looking at.” He explained that as a general manager on a tight budget, he is always looking for pitchers with good value. “Banister coming off elbow surgery allows him to land on our desk in our price range.”

When reminded Banister was a former catcher and not a pitcher, Daniels shrugged and pointed out that in the last couple of seasons he has signed a number of pitchers who weren’t really pitchers.

“Remember Joe Saunders?” Daniels unpleasantly reminded everyone.  “Who ever accused him of being a pitcher?”

Pitchers and catchers report to Surprise, Arizona, February 19. Banister is expected to be there.