So far it’s been fun.

The offseason is usually a yawnfest but this one has been a lot more enjoyable.

The Rangers have rebuilt a rotation and instead of going for the usual suspects of Tommy John survivors and roster barnacles, they actually found worthy subjects.

Have the Rangers ever had three aces or near aces in their rotation at once? While this might not be the best rotation in baseball as some are suggesting, it might be the best rotation in Rangers history.

Whereas in past winters the Rangers just filled in the margins with marginal players, they’ve already opened the door by pursuing Anthony Rendon and, Plan B, Nolan Arenado, who would actually be better than Plan A.

They probably need a centerfielder too since they traded away theirs.

That means there will be activity. That generates rumors and talk and dreaming and what-ifs. And that’s the fun part. 

Of course, most of it ends up just that, all talk. But the Rangers have holes they have to fill and it doesn’t appear they are going to commit old sins by just plugging in an Asdrubal Cabrera here or a Carlos Peña there. 

Maybe they will. But this offseason seems different. This one is actually worth staying awake for.