On this Thanksgiving Day, there’s a lot to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for baseball. 

It’s a cliché to say that bad baseball is better than no baseball but offseasons are tough. Without games to watch, it’s six months of darkness.

While the baseball being played by my hometown hero Rangers has been less than stellar overall the past seven seasons, there have been countless moments of joy. A couple division titles and Adrian Beltre head that list. 

That’s really what being a fan is all about. Your team isn’t always going to be good. But you stick with them. They have ups and downs. But you stick with them. They let you down. But you stick with them. They break your heart. But you stick with them.

It’s easy (and I am guilty) to get negative about the team and the direction its going but being a fan is like being a parent. 

Your team disappoints you at times, they don’t clean their room, don’t come home on time, don’t call to tell you where they are, take the car when you’re asleep, stay up too late, but you love them all the same. Being a fan and being a parent is unconditional love. Sometimes it’s irrational. Sometimes it’s trying. Sometimes it’s difficult. But there’s a magical, invisible bond. 

So, thank you for baseball. Thank you for the beauty of the game. The logic of it. The madness of it. The frustration of it. 

I hate it when it’s around but miss it dearly when it’s gone.  

And thank you to everyone who comes here to share their love for the Rangers, share their lives, share their experiences, and share their time. 

I am truly grateful for that. 

The Rangers may disappoint. But at least they aren’t the Cowboys.

And for that I am eternally thankful.