The forgotten man. 61 comments

In an interview with Stefan Stevenson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Tanner Scheppers said that, with all the changes in the Rangers bullpen at the end of last year and in the off-season, he is worried he will be a forgotten man.

Don’t worry, Tanner. Everybody remembers how horribly you pitched. We can never forget that.

We will never forget your 5.63 ERA last season, or your 9.00 ERA in 2014. We will never forget how you blew Cole Hamels’s first start as a Ranger. How you nearly ruined the best game Martin Perez pitched in his life. All those games you came in and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory are indelibly stamped in our heads, Tanner.

You are not forgotten. Try as we might.