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A win is a win, even when it doesn’t count. And it’s good to see the Rangers Uniforms get a come-from-behind win in spring training against the White Sox Uniforms.

A solo home run by phenom right fielder Ryan Hood in the seventh tied the game, and then much heralded first baseman Preston Beck hit a solo shot in the bottom of the eight to put the Rangers up for good.

That in a nutshell is spring baseball. Heroics from guys so far down the depth charts not even Jacques Cousteau could find them.

Preston Beck is so unknown that mlb.com doesn’t even have a picture of him. Just that anonymous gray silhouette.

That’s when you know you’ve made it.

Welcome to spring training baseball. But more importantly, welcome to the win column.

It doesn’t count for anything other than a little respect. And wonderful stories for Ryan Hall and Preston Beck years from now when, hopefully, they are making their Hall of Fame speeches in Cooperstown.